Helping Communities

PETCHAMP was formed through the work of its parent company Community Champions. The same organization that brought communities PROCHAMP, a community blight fighting proactive property registration company, now is focusing on helping local communities solve a new probelm. After learning about pet cruelty and the high number of pet euthanizations, through our work with local police jurisdictions we had to get involved.

Each year, approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized in the United States. PETCHAMP’s dedication to pet protection means we want to help families quickly reunite with their lost animals. Finding your pet will save its life and possibly another animal’s by increasing the likelihood that a different animal will be adopted instead of your lost pet.

Increased Compliance & Service – Rewarding Responsible Pet Owners

Pet Owners who register with PETCHAMP receive annual rewards cards and access to deals from advertisers across the local community. The site is fully deployed and managed by PETCHAMP and supported by a trained Community Representative.

Public Safety Tools to Help Locate Pets Faster

The PETCHAMP system incorporates a fullyfunctional in-the-field lookup for Animal Services and Public Safety officials to use when trying to return pets to their owners. We help communities work towards no-kill animal shelters.

Community Representative

PETCHAMP will provide your community with a trained representative. The PETCHAMP Community Representative will be tasked with increasing awareness in your community through educational programs and community events geared to increasing the sale of pet licenses and promoting public awareness of the program and it’s many benefits.