Cost Savings for Cities
Reducing Costs and Boosting Compliance
PETCHAMP’s online pet registration process saves empowered municipalities, counties and parishes both time and money in several ways. Imagine how much of your government’s resources will be freed up when employees are no longer bogged down by lengthy face-to-face pet registrations. Now imagine the cost savings that will occur when those resources are freed up. Sounds, great right?

A secondary benefit of online registration is derived from the ease in which pet owners can complete the registration process from the comfort of their homes with a few clicks and key strokes on their computer keyboards. No trips in the car, no time stuck in traffic, no waiting in office lines. Simplifying pet registration and making it much more convenient for pet owners results in a significant boost in pet registration compliance. A direct benefit of more registered pets contributes to a three-fold upside: more pet licensing revenue for local government entities; faster and more frequent return of lost pets to their owners; and reduced pressure on animal services facility populations.

The PETCHAMP Program provides a win-win-win scenario for pets, pet owners, and participating empowered government at all levels.